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Nordic Walking Classes in Bushy Park, Richmond and Surrey

6 week beginners course starting  Thursday 15th May starting at 09.30 am

New Slow walk added to schedule starting Thursday 15th May at 11.00 am

Nordic Walking is a gentle exercise that gets you fit!

If you need motivation to exercise, you'll love our friendly group classes.

Join us on a Nordic Walk to feel energised and full of life!

Call us on 07903 356 092

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  • Circuit Training
  • Personal Training
  • Metafit

Registered Exercise Professional

Why TryNordic? We're Nordic Walking and Personal Training experts, offering a range of exercise for all abilities. We are licensed to walk in Bushy Park, Richmond Park, Surrey and London.

TryNordic is fun and effective. You'll thrive with expert instructor Beverley and her team, who are qualified in Exercise Referrals and hold Personal Training Diplomas.

We offer 2 levels of Nordic Walking: 'Slow to Moderate' or 'Fast', so there's a workout to suit your fitness and ability. As instructor Beverley often says, "Nordic Walking is not just a walk in the park!"

You'll receive personal attention in our small classes (maximum 15 people), with cardiovascular and resistance training to improve strength and balance. Nordic Walking is a fun way to get fit and stay fit.

Nordic Walking is very popular and has over 10 million participants worldwide!

By joining TryNordic you will HAVE FUN, GET FIT, STAY FIT and NEVER LOOK BACK!

Book your course online by clicking this link.

Exel Nordic Walking Poles

Buy Nordic Poles Here. Exel is the leading brand of Nordic Walking poles. We can advise you on the most suitable type of Exel Nordic Walking poles for you.

Experience Nordic Walking in Sunbury, Bushy Park, Richmond and Surrey

If you would like to experience Nordic Walking and take advantage of our exciting offers, contact us online or call 07903 356 092 to book a technique session.

TryNordic works with the British Heart Foundation, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Age UK and other organisations to implement and advise on Nordic Walking and Personal Training health benefits.

All of the TryNordic Personal Trainers are Registered Exercise Professionals, respected in the medical community for our high standards and fitness expertise. Some of our Personal Trainers are also Exercise Referral specialists, working with doctors and medical teams to help you regain your health.