Healthy Eating Tips July 2021

Post lockdown! Help, suffering from over eating? Grab a few tips to get back on track

  1. Eating fresh produce, in season is ideal. Make the most of salads. Why not try a healthy seeded wrap, full with salad, avocado, chicken and a squeeze of lemon juice, delicious, and nutritious or swap out the chicken for Chickpeas
  2. Healthy oatbran muffins snacks, ideal and filling perfect to stave those hunger pangs
  3. Drink, lots of fresh water, add a slice of lemon, an ice cube and mint, it’s so refreshing and feels like a real treat 🙂
Healthy, nutritional eating is at the heart of a healthy lifestyle and is necessary to support an active lifestyle. Whether you are looking to lose weight, manage a health problem, or reach the very peak of your fitness, check out our monthly eating tips…

What Client’s Say

I approached Trynordic with a view to keeping fit, looking at my diet and making necessary adjustments.
Beverley suggested keeping a food diary. Wow!! what an eye opener, I discovered I didn’t eat nearly enough vegetables, in fact I hardly ate any! (I thought I was eating quite healthily) together we devised a sensible achievable eating plan which has been easy to follow and sustain. I feel really great now and that is thanks to Beverley.
Alison P