At Trynordic our work is driven by the belief that investing in yourself you are investing in your future and exercise should be part of your everyday routine and a lifelong journey.

We are committed to offering a full range of personal training packages to suit your budget and your lifestyle.

Everybody budgets for gas, electricity, food, car fuel and holidays but when it comes to investing in health and fitness we stop and think about it and the majority of time we push the cost of health and wellbeing to the back of the list!!

Why choose Trynordic Personal Trainers? We don’t stand in front of the mirror looking at ourselves whilst we are working out with you! We will motivate you and challenge you, we will make your training programme interesting and varied, we will work on your mobility, strength, balance and cardiovascular health helping you to achieve your goal but we hope your goal is only the start of your journey however big or small that might be!!

Our personal training programme includes:

  • Personal training analysis
  • Dietary analysis
  • Food diary
  • Motivation
  • Encouragement
  • Results driven by you at a pace you manage
  • Step by Step support when training
  • Results
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